Nobody ‘Scept You: I Don Casablanca

Once my mom was found it was finally time to put my beloved Casablanca dress on.







I wanted to leave the tiny buttons that lined the back of my dress unbuttoned (because I wasn’t really sure how I would get them all undone at the end of the night), but Mom Scepter and Bridesmaid Fashionista insisted that they button all of the tiny buttons.







About the time Mom Scepter finished with my buttons, the emotions I had been suppressing for 20 hours started to rise to the surface.



Once my sash, shoes, and dress were on the only thing left was my veil.



I was trying to explain the way the clip was supposed to lay on my head, but it ended up just becoming an awkward looking photo.





The second my mom put my veil on and fluffed it the whole room started getting teary eyed.  I am normally not a big crier, but my emotions had been threatening to spill over the whole day and once my mom began tearing up all bets were off.





We tried our best to suck it up, but it took all of us a few minutes.



(The photo above is one of my favorite photos from our wedding.)


I have no idea what someone said, but at some point one of my bridesmaids cracked a joke to help lighten the mood.


I did my best to stop the tear so I could go outside and see Mr. Scepter for the first time on our wedding day.  What moment made the tears flow on your wedding day?

Scepter Recaps

The recaps began.

We received an awesome gift.

The girls got pampered.

We stuffed our faces.

The bridal party was gifted.

short rehearsal was had.

The smell of popcorn causes a small panic.

There was a wedding day brunch.

Our hair became helmets.

Most of the girls got dressed.

The boys learned to tie a tie.

My accessories had their moment in the spotlight.


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