Nobody ‘Scept You: The Boys Get Fancy

While we spent half the day getting ready, the men showed up 30 minutes before picture time, took 15 minutes to unload and pack the ice chests, 10 minutes talking, and 5 minutes getting ready.  Before Mr. Scepter got dressed MOH/Lil Sis Dolphin delivered his super secret gift.  We had agreed that our wedding and honeymoon was more than enough of a gift for each other, but I had something small I had been saving for a while that I wanted to give Mr. Scepter as a reminder of how far we had come.

Mr Scepter wedding gift

When I was 14 I had a friend who saved her movie ticket stubs and made artwork with them.  I’m not very crafty, but I thought the things she created were cool looking so I decided I wanted to save enough and create my own project.  The next movie I happened to go to turned into my first date with Mr. Scepter.  I kept the ticket stub from the movie we saw (and hundreds more in the years that followed) but I never knew what to do with it.  So I stole an idea I saw in a crappy Ben Stiller movie, and turned it into Mr. Scepter’s wedding gift.

Framed Wedding Gift

Like Mike may have been a super crappy movie, but it happens to be the super crappy movie that started our relationship so I have a small soft spot for Lil’ Bow Wow’s plight to handle being a professional basketball player at the age of 13.

Once Mr. Scepter’s gift had been opened the guys realized they needed to get dressed ASAP to be ready for pictures, so they got moving.  The only downside was that Groomsmen H seemed to be the only one of them that can easily and quickly tie a tie, (the other groomsmen are all doctorate students that almost never have to wear a tie) so he had to help all the men out with their final look.

Mr. Scepter Wedding

Groomsmen H helping Mr. Scepter with his tie.




Dad Scepter


Mr. Scepter’s penguin cuff links



With the pinning of the corsages the boys were ready to go!

All photos by Lezlie Andrew Photography

Scepter Recaps

The recaps began.

We received an awesome gift.

The girls got pampered.

We stuffed our faces.

The bridal party was gifted.

short rehearsal was had.

The smell of popcorn causes a small panic.

There was a wedding day brunch.

Our hair became helmets.

Most of the girls got dressed.


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