Nobody ‘Scept You: A Super Short Rehearsal

We hadn’t planned on having a rehearsal, (our venue charges an extra $200 to have rehearsal the night before the wedding) but we wanted to do a very quick run through just to make sure everyone knew what order they were walking in/who they were walking with.

Once dinner had been cleared away we rounded up everyone at the back of the room and Brother Scepter attempted to walk everyone through the order of the ceremony.

Mr. Scepter waits for his cue

I wanted the girls to walk down the aisle by themselves, so once Mr. Scepter walked his mom down the aisle the guys entered from the side, and the girls were free to start their walk.

Sister Scepter making her way down the “aisle”

We tried to get Tiny Dancer to practice her flower girl role, but she informed us that it wasn’t “Aunt Cakes” wedding day, so she didn’t want to do it.  We couldn’t really argue with her point, so we let her skip her part, and Dad and I made our way down the aisle.

I loved the awesome ribbon bouquet MOH Dancer made for me.

Brother Scepter explained a few details of the ceremony, and with that we wrapped up our rehearsal.

The entire rehearsal took about 10 minutes, but since everything went smoothly the next night 10 minutes seemed to be all we needed.  How long did your rehearsal last?

All photos personal. 

The recaps began.

We received an awesome gift.

The girls got pampered.

We stuffed our faces.

The bridal part was gifted.


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