Nobody ‘Scept You: The Day Before The Day Before

The Thursday before our wedding was the kick-start to our wedding weekend.  I woke up feeling pretty relaxed, but it quickly evolved into a ridiculously stressful day.  Our venue did not have an event the night before our wedding, so they graciously offered to let us set up on Thursday.

Before venue set-up could begin I had a dentist appointment and I needed to pick up Bridesmaid Fashionista from the airport.  As soon as Bridesmaid Fashionista had been picked up (and fed) the rest of our mini army showed up at my parents house to help us pack the cars.  It took 11 people 15 minutes to load 5 cars.  It was sheer madness, and as much as I love my mom (and her incredible amount of help) she was driving me a little crazy with the drill sergeant like way of ordering our friends around.  The minute Eric and I got in the car I promptly started crying my eyes out.  I’m still not sure why, but I knew I needed a break from all the madness.  Once all of the water bottles, coolers, candles, candle holders, chalkboard frames, buckets, program fans, and everything else we had spent a year making and/or buying was unloaded, a little weight started to lift off my chest.

It was a little crazy to watch the elements of our reception come together, but when it was finished I absolutely loved it.  After the venue was set up, I grabbed Bridesmaid Fashionista and went to have the only “alone time” I could fit in, which consisted of the two of us running to the mall to pick up some last minute gifts for my parents.

At the end of the day I was absolutely exhausted, so Bridesmaid Fashionista decided to cheer me up by giving Mr. Scepter and I our wedding gift.  (Which for the record was one of my favorite gifts.)  The first part of her awesome gift played into my love of board games:

Image Via Amazon

The game alone would have been the perfect gift, but then Bridesmaid Fashionista solidified herself as best gift giver ever, by gifting us these amazing shirts:

Myself, Bridesmaid Fashionista, and Mr. Scepter (Personal Photo)

If you have ever watched HIMYM, I am willing to bet you get the reference.  How were the final few days before your wedding?

The recaps began. 


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