A Bee’s Life: Scepter Edition

I am still anxiously awaiting our wedding photos, but I miss you guys so while I wait I wanted to take a stab at one of my favorite ongoing series!

How did I find Weddingbee?

A few months before Mr. Scepter proposed, I read a book called How I Planned Your Wedding, by Susan Wiggs and Elizabeth Wiggs Maas that mentioned a site called Weddingbee.  I typed the site into the search bar and then proceeded to read through seven pages of the blog.  From that day on I was hooked! I never really got into boards, (although I love reading through them now) but I loved checking the blog throughout the day and reading about all the amazing ideas from all the bees.

My Application Story:

I blog for work and I have always liked to write, but I had never written a blog for/about myself.  I really wanted to blog for Weddingbee, so I opened a blog in last fall, wrote one blog post and then did nothing for 4 months.  When the fairy tale generation was introduced, the adorable icons gave me the push to start regularly blogging and fill out my application.  My application was less than fancy, (I typed it into the body of an email) but I hoped that my blog posts would make up for my application.  I sent in my application and blog link and then waited.  Five weeks later I got home from, checked my personal email and saw an email from Pengy.  I made it through the first line, “…great addition to the Weddingbee team,” and promptly performed a happy dance for my dog.

“Really, mom?” (Personal Photo)

Why Blog?

Writing has always been an outlet for me to get my thoughts and feelings in order, but blogging about our wedding has an added bonus – it saved the sanity of my friends/co-workers/husband.  For most of our engagement I couldn’t get enough of weddings.  I read every magazine, blog or book I could get my hands on, and spent hours watching any T.V. show or movie that had a hint of “wedding” in it.

All of my friends were good sports about wedding talk, but eventually I decided I might be driving them a little crazy so I decided to start blogging.  I figured that blogging for a wedding site would allow me to connect with other people who never tired of weddings!

I wanted to blog about our wedding, but I also wanted to give a little love to the area of Texas where we had our wedding.  As big as Texas is, most bridal magazines and online sites focus on Houston, Austin/San Antonio, and DFW.  Poor mid Texas and West Texas are often forgot about and lumped together.  (If you search for venues in the Panhandle of Texas, wedding sites will often show you a venue that is in El Paso or Midland – a good 5 hours from the area you were trying to search on.)  I had high hopes that being a blogger would let me be a small resource for West Texas brides.

Why Mrs. Scepter?

I had a really hard time choosing between most of the Fairy Tale Icons.  They were all so cute!  I narrowed it down to scepter, treasure, or potion and ended up choosing scepter because I liked the hint of bling my icon has and “Miss Scepter” just sounded fun.

On being a Weddingbee blogger:

I have loved blogging for Weddingbee.  It is so fun to get the hive’s feedback on details of our wedding I wasn’t sure about, and reading all the comments the hive leaves on my posts.  Being a blogger is a lot more work than I originally thought, but it is well worth it.  There are times when life got crazy and blogging was put on the back burner, but I always knew if I needed advice the hive would be there to help.  I am so glad I get to be part of such a supportive and fun community!

Advice For Applicants:

Blog about what you want to, not what you think you have to blog about.  If there is an element of your wedding you aren’t that into or you don’t think will be a helpful or interesting story than skip it.  The best thing about Weddingbee bloggers is that we all have different viewpoints and opinions.  Some of us might be obsessed with paper products, and some of us would rather focus on having an awesome band.  If you are blogging about something you are truly excited about, it will come through in your writing and it will make for a better blog.  Good luck to all applicants!  I think you are going to like the next generation of icons!  ; )