A New Beginning

We are back from our wedding week/honeymoon hiatus!  Our honeymoon was awesome (recaps to come soon) and our wedding day was everything I had ever wanted it to be.  It was probably the fastest five hours of my life, and I loved every second of it.

Guest Photo

One of the my favorite moments of our wedding was looking around the reception hall and seeing all the different groups of people that represented so many parts of our lives.  There were high school friends, college friends, current co-workers, former co-workers, family friends, aunts, uncles, and cousins; all of who represented and supported a part of our 10 year history together.  It meant so much to us to have so many people we love all in one place.  It will be a while before we get pro pics in, but while I impatiently wait our guests are doing a great job of helping tide me over by sharing their photos with us.

Guest Photo

Guest Photo

Guest Photo

Guest Photo

Guest Photo

There are still a few things I didn’t get a chance to cover before the wedding, so I will be popping in soon with more blog posts.  See you soon!

Mrs. Scepter


Today Is The Day

I can’t believe today is our wedding day.  For the past year this day has always felt so far off into the distant future, and I think I am still in denial that the day is finally here.  The last three days have been an insanely fast blur of last minute details, time spent with friends and family, and answering the question, “Are you excited?” about fifty-five times. (Yes, I am excited.)

To the hive:  I can’t thank you enough for all the support and help throughout the last few months.  Being a part of this community has been an incredible experience.  The amount of help and love on one wedding blog is amazing.  I can’t wait to share photos of our day with you!

To Mr. Scepter:  I can’t believe today is here.  I have been so incredibly blessed to have you in my life for the past ten years, and I know the next chapter in our relationship is going to be even better.  I couldn’t have dreamed of a more supportive or loving partner in life, and I am so excited to finally be able to proudly call you my husband.  I love you!

To all the other brides getting married today, I hope your day is everything you want it to be!  After our wedding we will be headed to Jamaica for a week, but I will be back to the hive in two weeks.  See you then!

(For the last time)


Miss Scepter


Wedding Planning: An Engineering Perspective by Mr. Scepter

In my week before the wedding craziness (last minute details, prepping to be gone from work for two weeks, etc) my time for blog writing is minimal, so Mr. Scepter graciously offered to write a blog on how we stayed organized.  Thanks Mr. Scepter!

It is safe to say I had not pre-planned for our wedding nearly as much as Ms. Scepter. When we started making decisions, it wasn’t that I didn’t care (most of the time), I had just never even imagined thinking about those things.

Miss Scepter: “I’m thinking blue and white for our colors, but I don’t know if I want Navy or Royal Blue. What do you think?”
Me: “Uhhh…there’s a difference?”

Miss: Scepter: “I don’t know which flower to use for the centerpieces, whats your favorite?”
Me: “The pretty ones!?”
Miss: Scepter: “**Eye Roll**

But when we started working out the logistics of the wedding, I finally got my chance to contribute. We needed a way to objectively compare venue sites, and being the number-oriented member of the couple there was only one thing to do: a Spreadsheet! You could look at the pro’s, con’s, website link, and price of each site side by side all on one computer screen. Miss Scepter didn’t fully appreciate the spreadsheet at first because “I already wrote that out on a piece of paper”, but I knew it would come in handy.

Venus Worksheet (personal)

The planning soon got much more daunting and with it, the Spreadsheet quickly grew in size and complexity to encompass the new things coming up in the process and today it stands at 7 worksheets:

*Overall Wedding Budget
*Monthly Wedding Payments
*Guest List (Names, RSVPs)
*Invitation List (Linked from the Guest List For Mail-Merging Address Labels)
*Song List (By Category with Links to Youtube)
*To-Do List

Wedding Payments Worksheet (personal)

The Guest List sheet definitely got the most traffic. There are different sections for Miss Scepter’s and I’s family, with subsections for mother’s side, father’s side, friends, and miscellaneous. The subsections made it really easy to know which parent to call when the RSVP returns (which were color-coded green and red cells based on the yes/no entry) inevitably didn’t come by our set deadline.

Song List Worksheet (personal)

Miss Scepter still doesn’t enjoy keeping track of the numbers and lists as much I do, but I’ve caught her coming in with a stack of RSVPs, entering them in the Spreadsheet, and quickly scrolling down to see the overview box with the total number of guests. Guess she keeps me around for something.

What did you do to keep track of all the moving parts in your wedding?

A Song For My Dad

Hive,  I am a slacker bride.  Our wedding is merely days away and there are still tasks that are unfinished.  My biggest unfinished task is the music list.  Yes…we are 6 days out from the wedding and our song selections are not finished.

We have a few less important songs to pick (cake cutting song, music to play before the ceremony) but I am still at a loss as to what to play when I dance with my dad.

Personal Photo

A few factors go into this decision:

1)  I don’t want to use the phrase “daddy’s girl,”  but something close to that would do.  My dad and I have a great relationship, and I am having a really hard time finding a song for us that feels like it fits.

2) Father/child moments ALWAYS make me cry.  I don’t know why, but moments between a dad and their child just get to me.  Even this goodbye scene between Ariel and her dad makes me tear up 9 times out of 10.

3)  I don’t want to go to sappy with the song choice. (Because a sappy song will make me even more prone to an ugly cry.)

I have a few songs in mind, but I can’t commit to any of them.

I can’t put my finger on why, but I like the story in this Darius Rucker song.

I know using this song for a father/daughter dance may not make any sense to most people, but when I was three I watched the Sound of Music every single day. On most of those days my Dad would sit with me while I sang the songs.

I don’t know why I am hesitant to use this song.  I loved N*SYNC, but I don’t know if I love it for a father/daughter song.  Band aside, the lyrics in this song are great.

Which of these songs would you pick?  Do you have any father/daughter song suggestions for me?