An Apology Letter

To My Wedding Related Craft Projects,

Please stop staring at me.  I know every time I walk past our patio-room closet I stare at you for a few seconds, consider taking you out and giving you the attention you deserve, but then continue to walk on by.  And yes, I realize our wedding is 60ish days away and I am supposed to make my trip to take you all to Amarillo in 40ish days, but cut me some slack.

Work has been crazy, we have been out of town or had visitors far too many weekends in a row, our dog is adorably distracting, I am trying to spend at least 4 hours a week working out, and our wedding invitations have consumed all of my extra time.  (Plus, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and Revenge are getting really good.)

I do feel guilty that some of you were haphazardly started and then abandoned, or worse – were excitedly brought home from Michaels or Hobby Lobby and have yet to be taken out of the sack.  I promise I bought you all with the best of intentions, but I am not living up to my promise to make you into something great.

Sometimes I have a hard time admitting that I am wrong, but I know I have wronged you so please accept my sincerest of apologies and know that I plan to make it up to you by dedicating next weekend to completing as many of you as I can.  So to my unfinished “Love Story” board, my ribbon wands, my invitations, my water bottles, and even to my mailbox for our guest book I haven’t even purchased yet, I apologize for my complete lack of dedication towards finishing you.

I swear I will one day soon, make you into something you deserve to be.


Miss Scepter



Lets Talk About The Honeymoon

In all honesty, I am ridiculously excited about our honeymoon.  Don’t get my wrong, I am also ridiculously excited about marrying Mr. Scepter, but our honeymoon comes in at a not-to-far second.

When we started to discuss honeymoon plans it was agreed upon almost immediately that we wanted to somewhere with a beach.  I have been to dozens of U.S. beaches, but I have always wanted to go somewhere where the sand is white and the water is crystal clear blue.  Mr. Scepter has only been to one beach (Gulf Shores, AL for a spring break trip) and since beach vacations are my favorite ones I wanted to share my love of them with him.

Our budget was going to require us to stay in the U.S. so we looked at beaches in Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina.  They weren’t matching my super white sand and clear blue requirement, but any beach was better than no beach. Enter Mr. Scepter’s maternal grandparents.

As a very generous wedding gift they offered us a week at their timeshare.  Their timeshare is actually in Hawaii, but the company they use allows us to “trade” one of their weeks in Hawaii for a week at hundreds of other destinations.  We spent a few ideas searching the site for options that were available the week after our wedding, and narrowed it down to staying at a condo in Hawaii or staying at an all inclusive resort in Jamaica.  We loved the resort in Jamaica, but because it required us to pay for the all inclusive part it was going to be considerably more expensive than Hawaii.  (Which wouldn’t cost anything.)

We considered the pros and cons of both, and decided to spoil ourselves a little (if there is ever a time to spoil yourselves with a nice vacation it is on your honeymoon) and booked the resort in Jamaica.  Thanks to Mr. Scepter’s grandparents we will be staying at Secrets St. James for 7 nights!  Every time I look at their website I get even more excited about getting the first stamp on my passport and spending a week with my new husband sipping mimosas!  Want to see where we will be spending our first week as a married couple?

Image Via Secrets St. James Montego Bay

Image Via Secrets St. James Montego Bay

Image Via Secrets St. James Montego Bay

I have never stayed at an all inclusive resort before, but I hear it is pretty awesome.  Where are you going on your honeymoon?

Banded Together

In the middle of booking a florist, looking for invitations, scheduling a cake tasting, booking honeymoon flights, plus non-wedding related things looking for wedding bands was the last thing on my mind.  I was content to wait a while before we went to look, but on a rainy Saturday Mr. Scepter decided we would take a trip to Robbins Brothers (were my engagement ring had been purchased) and check out the wedding bands.

I already knew that neither of us liked the band that went with my ring, but I tried it on anyways.

Image Via Robbins Brothers

Meh.  As much as I love my engagement ring the matching band didn’t thrill me, and I hated that the design on the side was different that the one on my e-ring.  After that quick “no” I tried a simple setting with diamonds that went around the top half of the band.

Image Via Robbins Brothers

It was pretty, but I wasn’t in love with it enough to commit to wearing it everyday for the rest of my life.  Next up was a band I had been staring at since we entered the store:

Image Via Robbins Brothers

I had secretly loved this band for months, but I wasn’t sure it would work with my e-ring.  And maybe it only worked because I desperately wanted it to, but in my mind the ring was perfect!  It was super thin and dainty, and the kite setting on my engagement ring perfectly fit into the groves of the band.

Personal Photo

Sold!  After I had made my decision it was Mr. Scepter’s turn to pick a band.  When we started discussing bands, I had wanted Mr Scepter to have a white gold band (so it would match my rings) but he had other ideas.

If you are from Texas you probably know this, but for those of you who aren’t from Texas here is a widely known fact:  Texas A&M graduates love their college rings.  It is a huge deal when they receive them and they even have a giant replica of their ring on their campus.

Mr. Scepter Under the Aggie Ring – Personal Photo

Mr. Scepter (like most Aggies) wears his A&M ring every single day.  And although I wanted our rings to match, Mr. Scepter thought it looked weird to wear his yellow gold ring on one hand and a white gold wedding band on the other hand.  We decided to compromise and look for a band that had yellow gold and white gold. The consultant showed us the only ring Robbins Brothers carried that matched our requirements, but we weren’t really fans of the look.

Image Via Robbins Brothers

I thought I would like the style, but neither of us like the fact that the yellow gold looked a million times shinier than the white gold.  We threw the yellow/white gold band plan out, and looked for a yellow gold ring.  We ended up finding a simple thin yellow gold band that looked great.  Since Mr. Scepter’s fingers are a funky size we had to special order his band, but within two weeks the band was ready for pickup and it looked great!

Our two bands together – Personal Photo

We defiantly went nontraditional, but I think the bands look great and represent each of our styles.  Granted, it has been ridiculously hard waiting to wear my band until July.  Did you choose nontraditional bands?  How did you pick your wedding band?

Save the Dates Can Wait

Since our wedding is in the summer, a popular time for weddings and travel,  I knew we needed to send out save the dates.  I didn’t want to spend tons and tons of money on S.T.D.’s so we decided to go the postcard route.  I figured postcards would be easy to make and light on postage costs.

I decided all of this in September and I know save the dates should be sent out around/before the six month mark, but I waited until exactly 5 1/2 months before our wedding to do anything about my decision.  Commence franctic scurry to get the save the dates designed, printed, addressed, and sent out.  Mr. Scepter and I wanted to use our favorite engagement photo and then layer text on top of it.  Unfortunately our design/photoshop skills are very limited, and after a few attempts this is the best we could come up with:

Fail.  Luckily, working at an advertising agency has its perks.  After I showed my friend/co-worker, Shalanna, our failed attempt she graciously offered to make us a save the date and I all had to do was buy her a coke.  Needless to say, Shalanna did an awesome job:

We found a deal on VistaPrint and were able to print 100 postcards (plus shipping) for around $27.  We received the cards within 4 days, and spent a night addressing the cards and adding postage.

All the postage applying exhausted Sherlock.  (Personal Photo)

I couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out.  Did the type of office you work in help you finish a wedding task?

I Could Make That

Last weekend we met with our venue coordinator to go over all the tiny details of the wedding.  She gave us a list of things she had available (cake cutter, champagne flutes, candle holders, etc) and a list of things we would need to bring: programs, ice, what we wanted people to throw during the recessional, a basket for our flower girl and other small things.

Later that day, as I was aimlessly wondering through the wedding aisle at Hobby Lobby, I noticed the flower girl baskets.

Image Via Elegant Gowns

Cute, but $22 cute?  Don’t think so.  Despite my lack of crafting skills, I was pretty sure I could make a basket that would be cuter and cheaper.  I gathered the supplies I needed from Hobby Lobby and headed home to do my first craft project for the wedding.

I liked the idea of using a silver pail, but the only one I could find had a metal thing around it.  I figured I could paint the metal part white and it would fit in nicely with our colors.

Personal Photo

To paint the metal surrounding I used white craft paint and a foam brush.  After one coat it looked pretty good, but after it dried I did a second coat for good measure.

Personal Photo

After I put the silver bucket back inside the newly white metal surrounding it still needed a little something extra.  So I grabbed some ribbon I had bought, (but hadn’t found a use for)  looped it through the metal surrounding, tied a bow, cut the edges of the ribbon, and Wa-la!  We had a flower girl basket:

Personal Photo

To add an extra touch of cuteness I plan on tying a ballon to the top of the basket, so TIny Dancer might be a little more inclined to carry it.  It was a super simply project, but I am so pleased with how it turned out.  Plus, the whole project cost less than $10!  How many wedding items did you look at and think to yourself, “I could make that.”

What Do You Want Us To Wear? Part Three

Two out of my three girls officially had their dresses, and only Bridesmaid Fashionista remained.  Bridesmaid Fashionista works for a bridal designer so I had feeling she was going to be a little bit pickier than most bridesmaids.  Bridesmaid Fashionista lives in Austin, but she wanted my input on her dress so she made a trip up to Dallas and we headed back to the Bridal Boutique.

Since I just had one bridesmaid with me, the consultant helped us pull dresses and then left us to try on dresses at our leisure.  Fashionista tried on several different Wtoo/Watters dresses and eventually narrowed it down to these two:

Wtoo Style #184

Image Via Watter/Wtoo Website

Wtoo Style #883

Image Via Watters/Wtoo Website

I LOVED Style #883 and I thought it fit Fashionista’s style perfectly, but Fashionista was at a stand still.  After 2.5 hours at the Bridal Boutique we left empty handed.  (I told you Fashionista was picky!)  Luckily, a few weekends later I received these lovely pictures on my phone:

Personal Photos

How awesome is the back on that dress?  Fashionista will be shortening the dress herself, but other than the length the dress is perfect!  I am so excited that each of my girls picked a dress that represents their individual style, and I can’t wait to see all the dresses together.  How many dresses did your bridesmaids try on before they chose the one?