The Coronation of The Scepters

Hello, Hive!  I am so excited to be writing our intro post on Weddingbee!  I started reading Weddingbee about a year ago (before I got engaged) and loved following all the bee’s engagement stories from beginning to end.  I am still pretty amazed that I now get to share our story with all of you!

So, who exactly are the Scepters?

We are high school sweethearts who have been dating since the summer before high school.  Mr. Scepter and I met at our middle school, when my best friend started dating his best friend.  (Which in middle school world meant that our lunch tables combined.)  After a few months of middle school-esque flirting we started dating.   We went to different high schools, but met each other every Friday night to see a movie.   When it came time to chose colleges we had a difficult choice to make.  We each had very different tastes in colleges, and due to what each one of us wanted in a school (I wanted to live in a big city and go to a school that had a great Communication program; Mr. Scepter wanted to live in a smaller city and enroll in a great Aerospace program) we ended up picking different universities.  It was a hard choice, but ultimately we decided that at the age of 18 we each deserved to pursue exactly what we wanted.  Luckily, our chosen universities, Texas for me and Texas A&M for Mr. Scepter, were only two hours apart.

Personal Photo

Thanks to a lot of rides from friends, intense scheduling due to my Type A personality, webcam chats, letters, phone calls, text messages, surprise packages, unscheduled visits, and support from our friends we made it through four years of a long distance relationship.

When graduation rolled around we had had enough of our LDR so we made a joint decision to compromise and move to a city that worked for both of us.  After searching high and low for grad schools and jobs we ended up in Dallas – more specifically right in the middle of the Metroplex, in the city of Arlington.  I can’t pretend like it is my favorite place we have ever lived, but as long as I get to see Mr. Scepter everyday I could live almost anywhere.  Eight months after I moved to Dallas Mr. Scepter proposed and we have been planning our wedding ever since.

Personal Photo

We have a lot of differences, but we have been lucky enough to grow up together and grow to compliment each other.  We have similarities, but I love how our personalities and interests work the best when one of us can make up for the other one’s slack:  Mr. Scepter is good at math and science and I am better with words.  Mr. Scepter is an excellent cook and I am a baker.  Eric likes to golf…I like to not golf.  However, there are things we both love:  eating, our basset hound Sherlock, Super Mario Brothers, watching TV series through Netflix DVDs, and having a relationship tradition rooted in episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

Why did I choose the Scepter icon?  I loved a lot of the magic/fairy-tale icons and was having a hard time picking one.  I showed them to Mr. Scepter and explained that whatever icon we chose would be what we would be called.  He looked at them for a minute and the following conversation ensued.

Mr. Scepter:  “So I will be referred to as Mr. Whatever Icon you choose?”

Me: “Yes.”

Mr. Scepter: “Hmmm….Sword.”

Me: *Crinkles Nose*

Mr. Scepter: “Okay, which one do you like?”

Me: “Coach, lyre, genie, crown or scepter.”

Mr. Scepter:  “Mr. Scepter…that sounds cool.”

Me:  “Scepter it is!”

And that is the story of how the Scepters came to be.  I can’t wait to talk to you all, hear your stories, and share our story with you!  Let the blogging begin!


What Do You Want Us To Wear? Part Two

Lil Sis (and Mom) had really wanted to purchase Lil Sis’ bridesmaid dress pick, but I wanted to wait and see if my other two girls could find a dress by the same designer that they loved as much as Lil Sis loved hers.  I sent MOH Dancer and Bridesmaid Fashionista to the Watter/Wtoo website and asked them to look for dresses that came in crinkle chiffon in the color indigo.  (I typically envision indigo to be more purple-y but the Wtoo indigo is a nice shade of navy blue.)

MOH Dancer found four or five different dresses she liked.  Luckily, we had already scheduled a weekend for her to come visit me in Dallas so we decided take a trip back to the Bridal Boutique.  Marlene (the same consultant who helped me find my wedding dress) was ready to help us wade through the options.  We ended up pulling almost every crinkle chiffon sample the store had and then it was off to the dressing room.

MOH Dancer tried on Style #625 first.  I loved it, but it wasn’t MOH Dancer’s style.

Image Via Wtoo

Next up was Wtoo style #187.  Even though it looked beautiful on the hanger on MOH Dancer it received an immediate thumbs down from all of us.

Image Via Wtoo

She tried on two more dresses that were pretty unmemorable (hence why I can’t post pictures of them) and then tried on the last one in the dressing room: Wtoo Style #784.  I thought it looked great on MOH Dancer, but I was trying to stay impartial to make sure she picked a dress that she truly loved.  She stared at herself in the mirror for a while and then announced this one was going to be her dress.  She even commented that she could see herself wearing it again!  (Gasp!)

Even 5 sizes to big and in the wrong color the dress looked great on her!  (Personal Photo)

While MOH Dancer ordered her dress, I ordered the dress Lil Sis had chosen a few weeks before.  Just like that two out of three bridesmaids were officially dressed for the big day!

How many bridesmaid dresses did you go through before you found the right one?

What Do You Want Us To Wear?

About two days after Eric and I announced our engagement a very excited MOH Dancer wanted to know what I had planned for the bridesmaid outfits.  I didn’t have a perfect vision, but I knew I wanted my bridesmaids to each chose a different navy dress in a style that would fit their body type.  Initially I wanted to jump on the mismatched-bridesmaid-dress-bandwagon.  (All the photograph evidence of this phenomenon made it look awesome!)

Image Via The Knot

I was 90% sure this was the look I wanted, but my O.C.D side began to make me worry that the girls wouldn’t look coordinated enough.  I wasn’t 100% sure of the look I wanted for my girls, so I put off the decision for a few months.  Eventually I decided that I would feel the best about picking a designer and a fabric for the girls and then letting them choose the style they liked the most.  I hadn’t planned on looking for bridesmaid dresses until I could get 2 or 3 of the girls together, but during my dress shopping appointment my sister saw a dress she loved.  We had some extra time at the end of my appointment so my consultant grabbed the dress and whisked Lil Sis/MOH Dolphin off to a dressing room to try on her pick: Wtoo Style #916.

Image Via Watters/Wtoo website

Since Lil Sis happens to be extremely blessed in the chest area I was worried we were going to have a hard time finding anything that would fit her, but the second she emerged from the dressing room all of my bridesmaid-dress-search-anxiety was washed away.  Lil Sis looked amazing, and thanks to the low scoop in the back of the dress it zipped up easily.  Even the consultant made a comment about how good the dress looked on Lil Sis, but I wasn’t ready to commit to a designer without checking with MOH Dancer and Bridesmaid Fashionista.  We left the bridal store without buying Lil Sis’ dress, but the second we left I texted MOH Dancer and Bridesmaid Fashionista the Wtoo website and asked them to check out the designer and let me know if they were able to find a dress they loved.

Did you shop for your girls dresses one at a time or did you take them on a group shopping trip?  How did you coordinate bridesmaid dress shopping for girls that live in different cities?

A TV Show Themed Wedding

As much as I love David Tutera’s show, My Fair Wedding, I have never been into themed weddings.  Don’t get me wrong – I love myself a themed party, but I wouldn’t even know where to start if I had to pick a theme for our wedding.  Texas?  Floral? Vintage? Do colors count as a theme?  Even if I could think of a good theme I don’t think I could carry it through without making the wedding feel like a lame 90’s prom.

Not happening.

Image Via AlbinoPhant

A themed wedding doesn’t feel very “us” but the other day an episode of My Fair Wedding made me believe that themed weddings can be fab.  In case you were to busy DIY-ing your invitations, picking out coordinating bridesmaid shoes, or looking for a dog tuxedo I will recap the episode for you.  The episode featured a couple from California that loved the AMC show Mad Men so much that they wanted to have a Mad Men themed wedding.  David Tutera took on the challenge and awesomeness followed.  David not only designed a bad ass 60s lounge-esque reception, but he even managed to host the wedding in an office building lobby that the cast of Mad Men had filmed in!  I can’t put into words how freakin’ cool the wedding was so here are a few pics:

At one point in the episode the bridesmaids tried those dresses on in black and I wanted to jump through the t.v. and steal one.

LOVE the black and white dance floor!

All Screen Shots Via Entertainment Weekly

The Mad Men wedding was gorgeous and it made me think about other T.V. shows you could theme a wedding around.  If I was going to choose a T.V. show to theme our wedding around I would have to choose a “How I Met Your Mother” theme.  HIMYM has a crazy large fan base and Mr. Scepter and I are definitely part of it.  We got addicted to the show by watching the first season on DVD right before we left for college.  We loved it so much we vowed to only watch it together, and from there a ritual was born.  Since we lived in different cities for four years, we never watched HIMYM during the live season; instead we waited for the season DVD to be released and then locked ourselves in the apartment with takeout food for a whole weekend to catch up on the show.  HIMYM weekend is one of my favorite traditions Mr. Scepter and I have and even though we now live in the same city, we still partake in our tradition every September.

How I Met Your Mother Weekend - 2009 (Yes, I even make us take photos)

Personal Photo

So what exactly would our HIMYM themed wedding look like?

Our signature drink would be Kahlua and Root Beer: (We tried this once on Halloween and it really does taste like an alcoholic tootsie pop.)

Image Via Top Shelf

All the men would be suiting up:

Image Via Google Images

Yellow umbrellas would be making cameos in our photos:

Image Via Ginger Designs

We would serve the “Best Burger in New York”:

Image Via I Do Love It

And guest favors would be mini blue french horns:

Image Via My Urban Revolution

What television show would you theme your wedding around?  Do you love or hate theme weddings?

The Beginning of A Beautiful Friendship – Part Two

Bad dress shopping experience aside, I was ready for my final bridal appointment of the weekend.  This time I was ready.  I grabbed my blue wedding shoes, (yes I am a shoe whore that bought my shoes before my dress) my strapless bra, and headed out the door for the 30 minute trip to the Bridal Boutique.

From the outside the Bridal Boutique looks like a quaint, local store but on the inside it is a mecca for all things bridal.  The Bridal Boutique carries over 600 dresses that fill almost every spare inch of space in the store.

Personal Photo

My consultant, Marlene, already had my Casablanca dress pulled for me and let my family and I explore the racks for other options.  We pulled about 5 more dresses and then Marlene showed us to the dressing area.  One of the nicest things about the Bridal Boutique was the private areas.  A large set of stairs allowed for my family and I to have our own chairs, mirror and pedastool i.e. there was no waiting for your turn to use the big mirror.  Plus, it was nice that my dad could sit, relax and not have to worry about making another bride uncomfortable.

First up was a dress with sheer straps.  (Sorry for the lack of photos – Bridal Boutique does not allow photography.)  I liked the straps, but the dress had too much lace for my taste.  Then I tried on a dress I don’t really remember, but I do remember thinking it looked horrible on me and made my hips look like I was standing in front of a weird circus mirror.  After the disaster dress I realized something…I was now on my fourth bridal appointment, I had tried on about 24 dresses, and my poor family had traveled hours to be with me when I chose “the dress.”  It was time to stop messing around and put on the dress that I had probably already known I was going to love.

The minute I put on Casablanca #2043 I knew my search was over and the second I walked out of the dressing room I could tell that my family shared my feelings for the dress. My consultant added a sash and a veil and it was a done deal.

Personal Photo

Personal Photo

Hugs and photos ensued, and all was right with the world.  (Well, at least with my bride world.)  I haven’t decided on a veil yet and the sash will not have the long part in the back, but other than that she is perfect.

How did you know your dress was the one?  Were you surprised by how a dress you saw in a magazine looked on you?

The Beginning of A Beautiful Friendship – Part One

First things first:

After my David’s Bridal visit I was open to expanding my dress search beyond fit and flare styles.  I had loved the look of the Vera Wang dress at David’s, but it felt a little too foreign to my normal style.  A week before our designated dress shopping weekend the wedding magazine gods took pity on my indecisiveness, and showed me a dress that had everything I never knew I wanted.

Casablanca Style #2043 Via Casablanca

Casablanca Syle #2043 (Back) Via Casablanca

The ruffled layers, the sweeheart neckline, the lace appliques, and the buttons on the back had all combined to make a dress straight out of my dreams.  I had to try her on, so I called 10 bridal stores in DFW that carried the Casablanca line and no one had her in stock!  My very last call was to the Bridal Boutique in Lewisville and luckily they had #2043 in the store.  I booked an appointment with them on Sunday and set up two more appointments at different bridal salons for Saturday.  I wanted #2043 to be one of the last dresses I tried on so if I did end up picking her I would be 100% confident that I had explored other options.

Saturday morning came and my mom, sister, dad and I headed out for our first appointment of the day at Mockingbird Bridal.  I had walked by Mockingbird Bridal dozens of time and never though to much about it because it thought it looked kind of old-school, but at least 15 people told me how fabulous it was so I decided to give it a shot.  They didn’t have the Casablanca dress I had been salivating over, but they had tons of other beautiful Casablanca dresses.  My consultant let my mom, sister and I look through the racks and once we had chosen about 7 dresses to try on we headed back to the dressing room.

Side Note: My only complaint about Mockingbird was that my dad wasn’t allowed anywhere near the viewing area.  Since they have one large area for all the brides to show their families the dress (with private changing areas) they do not allow men in the area.  Poor dad had to stay at the front for the whole appointment.  They did have football on the TV and had free cookies, but I felt bad that he couldn’t participate in the experience.

My consultant, Mary, was very friendly and constantly told me how good I looked in all the dresses.  (I know she is a saleswoman, but what bride doesn’t love being told they look good?)  By the end of our appointment everything was starting to blend together, but there were two dresses I had taken a liking to:

  Karena Royale Via Maggie Sottero

Casablana Style #2028 Via Casablanca Bridal

I had built in some time between our two appointments for the day so we could have lunch and so my sister could visit the only H&M store in Texas.  Over Campisi’s Pizza (if you live in Dallas and you have not had their pizza you have committed a crime) we talked about my likes and dislikes of all the dresses and prepped for my next appointment.

To be honest my 3:00 pm appointment was a disaster.  On my search for the Casablanca dress I had called a Colleyville shop that carried the designer.  They didn’t have the dress I was looking for, but the woman on the phone seemed nice and convinced me to come in to see the dresses they did have in stock.   The bridal shop (that shall remain unnamed) was one of the worst shopping experiences I have ever had.  The appointment started off bad and went to worse.  The women in the shop seemed highly annoyed that I had brought my father with me, they had a small amount of dresses in the store, the consultant pulled ballgowns even though I had said I didn’t want to touch a ballgown, and they repeatedly kept informing me of how young I look. (F.Y.I world – repeatedly telling a 23 year old how young they look is not a compliment.  It is rude.  It implies that you think I am a child who is not old enough to get married or that I can’t handle being an adult in general.) Needless to say I tried on a few dresses and then bolted out of the store as fast I could.

With one appointment to go I was getting worried that I had dragged my family from all the corners of Texas for nothing.

Did you have a horrible dress shopping experience?  How did you handle it?

A Small, Special Member of The Bridal Party

For us having kids at our wedding was a no brainer.  I absolutely love kids, and think they can create some adorable and memorable moments at weddings.  I know kids can sometimes create issues at weddings (running through important photo opps, crying at the top of their lungs during the vows, or knocking over the cake table) but it is a risk we are willing to take.  I don’t think there will be that many children in attendance and I trust the parents we are inviting to corral their children if necessary.  I love all kids, but there is one very special child that I can’t imagine not having at our wedding.

Our flower girl (lets call her Tiny Dancer) is my favorite tiny human in the world.  Tiny Dancer is MOH Dancer’s daughter and from the moment I was told she would be coming into the world I loved her.  I remember painting Tiny Dancer’s nursery, helping MOH Dancer register for her baby shower gifts, and holding Tiny Dancer for the first time.

Circa 2008

Circa 2008 (Personal Photo)

Fast forward 3.5 years and Tiny Dancer has grown into a bubbly, happy toddler who has been practicing her flower girl skills for months now.

Isn't she adorable?

I want Tiny Dancer to wear something more special than the traditional flower girl dress: i.e. white, long, and frankly, expensive.

Not quite what I was envisioning

Image Via Google Images

Thanks to Etsy and Pinterest I found some adorable (and sassy) options:

Image Via Mapletree 2000 on Etsy

Image Via OliviaKateCouture on Etsy

Pepper Nix Photograph Via The Virginia Bell

Image Via Fattie Pie on Etsy

Image Via FilleDeFleurCouture on Etsy

I love them all but I want to make sure we pick a dress that Tiny Dancer will like and will be comfortable in all night.  Which dress is your favorite?  Who are the special tiny humans in your wedding?