Why I Could Never Be A Celebrity

I was equally excited and nervous about our engagement photo shoot.  I was super pumped to have nice photos of Mr. Scepter and I, but a little nervous because I get really uncomfortable when people take pictures of me.  I love photographs, but I prefer to be behind the camera.   A group shot is fine, but when the focus is on me I get awkward.

Good Group Shot (Personal Photo)

Awkward By Myself Shot (Personal Photo)

Obviously Mr. Scepter was also going to be with me in the pictures, but I was still super nervous to have someone follow us around and snap thousands of photos.  We had planned to travel to Amarillo for our flower girl’s birthday, so despite my anxiety, I went ahead and scheduled our engagement shoot with our photographer, Lezlie, for the same weekend.

I’m not going to lie.  While it wasn’t nearly as horrible as I had thought it would be, I still felt super sub-conscience throughout our two hour shoot.  Lezlie tried to make us feel as comfortable as possible, and talking to her about our relationship and our wedding really helped ease my nerves.  Before I knew it our two hours was up and all we had to do was wait for the photos.

Five weeks later I screamed with excitement when I saw Lezlie’s email that let us know our photos were ready to be viewed, cursed my iPhone for not having flash, and then made us immediately leave PetSmart so we could go home and view our photos.

Words can’t express how amazing I thought Lezlie’s photos were so I will let them speak for themselves:

All Photos By The Insanely Talented Lezlie Andrew Photography

Lezlie is so awesome at her job that she was able to capture moments sans awkwardness.  Even if you are camera shy, doing an engagement session is so worth it.  It allowed us to get to know our photographer better, it allowed Lezlie to get to know us, and it was great to have such an exciting time in our lives captured through pictures.

Are you camera shy?  How did you deal with your pre-photograph nerves?


One Cake Down

Until I started reading wedding blogs I never realized that a groom’s cake is more of a southern tradition.  Every wedding I have ever been to had a groom’s cake, and since the groom’s cake is normally the chocolate cake option I have always been a big fan.  Long before we ever had a cake tasting I had visions of groom’s cakes that would highlight one of Mr. Scepter’s interests, hobbies, or education.

Via Piece-A- Cake

Via Wedding Window

Photo by Moving Images Productions

Via Julie’s Cakes

But when I brought up my design ideas to Mr. Scepter he informed me that as long as we would have enough cake to feed our guests from our main cake, he didn’t think a groom’s cake was necessary.  (Mr. Scepter has never been a big sweet eater and he just didn’t see the point of having two cakes.)

I wasn’t willing to give up the idea of Mr. Scepter having a grooms table, so I began brainstorming other options.  At one of the venues we had visited the venue coordinator had told us about a wedding they had done where the groom had a cake made of donut holes.  I love the idea, but donuts aren’t really an Mr. Scepter’s thing.

Via Examiner / Design by Tee and Cakes

The shape of the donut-holes inspired another idea: a sausage ball “cake.”  Every year for Christmas FMIL Scepter makes amazing sausage balls.  We tend to eat the whole batch within a day, and proceed to make three more batches to munch on over the holiday.  Sausage balls are one of Mr. Scepter’s favorite foods, and I know he would love to have a homemade food item at our wedding.  The sausage balls only take about 20 minutes to make, and we could arrange them to look like a cake.

Via Food Squeeze

Then I remembered the only sweet Mr. Scepter really likes: cheesecake.  Specifically Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake.  We are frequent visitors of the factory and have even ordered their cheesecakes for birthday celebrations.

Mr. Scepter's 21st Birthday

(Personal Photo)

I pitched the idea of using Mr. Scepter’s favorite Cheesecake Factory cheesecake (Tuxedo) for his groom’s “cake” to Mr. Scepter, and he loved it.

Via Cheesecake Factory

It does come with a catch.  Since Amarillo does not have a Cheesecake Factory we would have to pick up the cheesecakes in Dallas and transport them to Amarillo.  We will be traveling to Amarillo the Wednesday before our wedding, and I am worried that the cheesecakes will be oldish by the time our Saturday wedding rolls around.  We also are trying to figure out how many cheesecakes we would need to order for a wedding of 150ish people.

Mr. Scepter liked both the sausage ball option and the cheesecake option, and we are a little stuck on which option to use.  Do you think we should go with the homemade feel of the sausage balls or use a truer dessert like the cheesecake?

Cinderella Taught Me…

…That shoes can change a girls life.  I have always been an avid lover of shoes; especially heels.  I collect heels like another person would collect fine art.  I wear flats most days, but I love the look of a heel.  On more than one occasion I have bought shoes that had no practical purpose in my life, but were too gorgeous to pass up.  And unlike clothes, my heels are always going to fit and are never going to leave judgmental pick marks around my Thanksgiving belly.  (Ten points for naming what show that link came from and another 40 for naming the episode.)

There are some beautiful white shoes, but I wanted to be a colored shoe bride.  Since our colors are navy and white, navy was the obvious color of choice for my bridal shoes.  I turned to the internet and found tons of options.

Manolo Blahnik Clausado s’Orsay Via Glamour

Kate Spade Charm Via Polyvore

Ivanka Trump Ciry Via Hottest Shoe Style

Nina Electra Via Sensibly Sassy

I could go on for another 10 posts about all the options I found, but there was one shoe I couldn’t get out of my head.

Lacie by Badgley Mischka Via  Style Hub

*Swoon*  She was everything I wanted in a wedding shoe: shorter heel, beautiful navy color, and a little bit of bling to add something special.  The only downfall was the price.  As much as I love shoes, Lacie’s price tag was far more than I had ever spent on a pair of shoes.  I tried to push her out of my mind, but I couldn’t find another shoe that excited me as much as she had.  After a few months of hemming and hawing over the shoes, I decided to super spoil myself and order them from Zappos.

I originally ignored the advice of the reviews that cautioned buyers to order a half-size larger than your normal size.  Not a good idea.  (Trust me – if you are planning on purchasing Lacie buy a half-size up.)  My 7.5s made my feet look like sausages, but thanks to Zappos’ awesome exchange policy I had my size 8 beauties a few days later.

Obsessed!  (Personal Photo)

I made myself promise to not wear Lacie until our wedding day (minus dress fittings) and she is patiently waiting in my closet to be taken out and shown to the world.  Are you saving your shoes for your wedding day or while you be proudly sporting them during your engagement?


If all you know about me was that one of my favorite stores is Hobby Lobby and one of my favorite websites to browse is Etsy, you might think I was a pretty crafty woman….  FALSE.

As much as I love to look at homemade art, furniture, decor, etc I suck at actually making anything.  But when it comes to putting together elements of our wedding I really want to try and break my streak of being craft-challenged.  Thanks to a million wedding magazines and blogs I have come up with a list of DIY projects for our wedding I am pretty sure I can do.  (With some help here and there.)

1.  Our Love Story Chalkboard Time-line: I am obsessed with this thing.  I love the idea of paying homage to all the important dates throughout our 10 year history.  Plus, what is more fun than a chalkboard in a pretty frame?

Via Delightfully Engaged / Photo by Ashley Photography

2. Photo Display – Our venue has a really gorgeous 100 year old clothesline that I knew would be perfect for a photo display.  It will have to be lightweight so I am planning on making something along the lines of this:

Via In Between Laundry

3. Thank You Cards – I know images like these have floated all over Pinterest and I love them!  We have friends and family coming from all over the country to celebrate with us and I want them to know how lucky we feel to have them there.

Via Style Me Pretty / Photo by The Nichols

4. Fan Programs – This was an easy decision.  Since our wedding is going to be outside in the hot Texas sun, the least we can do is give our guests a little help in staying cool.

Via Ruffled / Photo by Love Me Do Photography

5. Custom Water Bottles – On the same note of keeping our guests as cool as possible, we will be giving every guest a water bottle as they arrive at our ceremony.

Via Intimate Weddings

6. Mail Box for Guest Book – Since I am planning on having a post card guest book (more on that later) I want to create a cute mailbox for our guests to deposit their finished post cards in.  I haven’t chosen a design for it yet, but I LOVE this one:

Via Bridal Musings / Photo by Kreatid Photography and Design

Are you a craft-challenged girl?  Are you braving the D.I.Y waters or have you screamed for a crafting lifeguard?

Are You Willing To Spend 18 Million Hours Talking About Our Wedding?

No matter how large or small your role is I think being asked to be a part of a friend’s wedding is a flattering honor, and the easiest decision I made for our wedding was choosing my bridal party.  Who are these awesome girls you ask?  Let me introduce you to my bridesmaids:

Matron of Honor Dancer and I have been friends since we were in 7th grade choir together, and she is the reason Eric and I met. I consider her to be family and I am so excited to have her standing next to me!

MOH Dancer, MOH Dancer's husband, Me, and Eric

My little sister was the first person I called after our engagement.  Even though we are five years apart we have a close relationship and I am excited that she is going to be my Maid of Honor!

Matron of Honor Dolphin and I

I met my Bridesmaid Fashionista our sophomore year in college.  When we met she was dating one of my guy friends, and we lived under the incorrect assumption that she didn’t like me and I didn’t like her.  After we discovered we both couldn’t have been more wrong, we became fast friends.  I couldn’t have survived college without her and I am so excited to have her in our wedding and to show her our hometown!

Bridesmaid Fashionista and I

I wish I could say that I asked the girls to be a part of our day in a really special way, but I epically failed on that front.  Bridesmaid Fashionista’s call went like this:

(Following a text that contained a picture of my ring)

Her: OMG!!  You are engaged!  Tell me everything!

Me:  “Story of engagement….” You know your going to be one of my bridesmaids, right?

Her:  Well duh!

Yeah.  Not the most awesome sounding of offers.  That is also pretty much how the conversation with my sister and my Matron of Honor Dancer went as well.  If I could go back in time I would definitely redo those moments, and send them an awesome gift with a heartfelt note that would read something like this:

“I never could have imagined having such wonderful and supportive friends in my life.  Every moment of our friendship has made me a better person, and you have brightened so many of my days with long phone calls, Wednesday margaritas at Chili’s, random road trips, eating M&Ms with me for breakfast, and a million other moments.  It would mean the world to me if you will spend the next 12ish months pouring over wedding details with me, trying on dresses, providing your input on tiny details you probably don’t care about, and dealing with my random bride moods.  I love you tons and I would be honored if you would be one of my bridesmaids…..and if you say no I am going to force you to do it anyways.”

I hope the girls will forgive my sucky proposal and know that I will make it up to them come bridal party gift time.  In your newly engaged excitement did you drop the ball on asking your girls to join you on your wedding day?

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

My name is Miss Scepter and I am a photo-oholic.  I force my friends to stand in unnatural stances/places/clusters so I can get the perfect photo.  I have asked for a new camera on numerous birthdays, I own more picture frames than I care to admit, and I force my loved ones to recreate moments that already occurred so I can capture the moment in a photograph.  So to say photography was on my top list of wedding priorities is an understatement.

I searched high and low for a wedding photographer for weeks.  I read Google reviews, stalked blogs, poured over photographer websites, and checked wedding website recommendations for photographers that were anywhere remotely close to Amarillo.  I even fell in love with a set of photographers in Austin and briefly considered asking if they would fly to Amarillo to photograph our wedding.  (If you are in the Austin area I would definitely recommend checking out Half Orange Photography.)

My mom noticed that I had become slightly photographer obsessed and gave me the name of an Amarillo based photographer that had taken my younger sister’s senior portraits.

Before I even contacted our photographer we knew she was the one. Lezlie Andrew was perfect.  She had a great price point that included an engagement session, 9 hours of coverage, a CD with the copyrights to all our photos, two shooters the day of, she was available for our date, and her photos are amazing!  Her work has a timeless feel that doesn’t feel over processed, and felt just right for the casual, fun atmosphere we wanted to have at our wedding.

Check out a few of her GORGEOUS images:

All Images Via Lezlie Andrew Photography

We can not wait to see the beautiful images Lezlie will capture on our wedding day!  Did you make up your mind about a vendor before ever talking to them?

The Reflection Of All Colors

When it came to choosing colors for our wedding I knew exactly what I wanted: white!  Don’t get me wrong, I love color, but there is something about white that just makes me smile.  And who wouldn’t swoon over pictures like these?

Photo from Events To At DC

If you want to get technical, when you are referring to light white is the reflection of all colors, which means including white as one of our base colors meant we were including all colors…right?  After talking about it with Mr. Scepter we both agreed we needed to come up with another color to include.

Pink and purple were ruled out quickly because they just didn’t feel very “us.”  Even though I love my Alma matter I don’t love orange as a wedding color, we both nixed red, black and white felt to formal, and finally we landed on blue.  Blue seemed simple enough, but there are about a million different shades of blue and we needed to pick one.  Three days, thousands of Google images, and a bottle of wine later I narrowed it down to two shades:

Royal Blue - Image Via Piggy Bed Spreads

Navy Blue Image Via Raquel Fernandez

I thought when I showed them to Mr. Scepter, he would think I was crazy to have him choose between two very similar looking shades, but he firmly chose the navy.  And just like that we had our wedding colors: white, navy, and probably a hint of silver here and there.  Choosing our colors put my planning mode into full speed and before long I had my first inspiration board:

Wedding Cake Image Via Sweet and Saucy Shop/Love Story Board Via Delightfully Engaged – Photo by Ashley Photographe/Candle Image Via Style Me Pretty – Photo by Allison Reisz/Program Fan Image Via Ruffled – Photo by Love Me Do Photography/Earrings Via SpoiledPretty on Etsy/Ampersand Chair Decor Image Via Style Me Pretty – Photo by Carrie Rodman Photograhy/Navy Bridesmaids Image Via The Knot/Frames Image Via Ruffled/Bridesmaid Bouquets Image Via Chiq Weddings/Damask Invitations Image Via Eden Wedding Studio on Etsy/Bold Anemone Image Via Chicista Wedding

Did you drive yourself crazy trying to chose a shade, or am I the only bride nutty enough to spend days staring at shades of blue?